Questions and answers

The spirit of DEAN Method is the same for all of us, no matter where we are living. The spirit is free and open and so is the structure of the work with DEAN Method, and so is team building and joint work. Because it is free and open there is a chance for everyone to be satisfied with the possibilities.

One example is the joint work of DEAN students from China and Germany. Everyone is free to suggest a program for a joint work by Chinese and German students to Master Li. And everyone can freely consider who could be a suitable partner or team for his project in the other country. Master Li will see if the program and the persons could fit. Daoming knows Germany and China well. He can help to build up a connection between students of both countries.

The form of the joint work can be arranged individually between Master Li and the students or teams of the countries. For instance, as a continuous partnership or as single projects or in every other suitable form.

For more information or for your questions and ideas concerning the international work you may write to the email-address of Master Li: