International FuQi Day
on 2020.12.24 - 10-18 h (CET)

Christmas and FuQi

We perceive Christmas as the festival of love. With the birth of Jesus, which we celebrate on these days, we recognize the activity of the Holy Spirit. He is FuQi, he brings connection, happiness and light into our world. Mary, the mother, received her child, Jesus, from the „Holy Spirit“, she opened herself to FuQi and happiness. Jesus had no fear. The Spirit came to him and he brought him to the people. At Christmas we also remember our birth and the spirit with which we came into the world.

On Christmas Eve, the Yin and the dark have passed their highest point. The Yang and the light increase again from day to day. So new things can also arise in us, as the birth of Christ shows us.

We all know and appreciate this festival – maybe we experience it as especially beautiful, or sometimes even as challenging… On these days many people have a great desire and also a tradition to be close to family or friends, to meet together, to get in touch.

These wishes are good and have their origin and meaning. How can we realise them in the present situation? How can we feel connected to the others, no matter where we are?

Immerse yourself in the silent time
To rest
Feel FuQi from heart to heart
Connecting us from essence to essence

On the spiritual level we are always connected. This time offers us a special opportunity to understand this more deeply. Master Li offers us and our families a special opportunity to prepare the energy for this celebration with and for the whole family. Through this we can increase and share the FuQi in the circle of family and friends.

FuQi Day at Christmas

This year two things come together: The FuQi day and Christmas. 

We all know our Christmas traditions, everyone knows what he wishes in his heart at this time, what he wants to do at that time, what contact he needs and what he longs for.

„How do you spend your Christmas?“

The grandchildren might miss their grandma, it would be nice if she could be there… And grandma feels that her grandchildren are far away too. They both want to be together.

„Christmas means being together, in family, with friends, even with God.
You could put it like this: God wants everyone to do something together.
God is in the invisible. He connects us.

Master Dean Li

It’s Christmas. Many people have their own „Christmas programme“. Maybe we want to visit the family, parents or children or do this and that. We all feel that way. 

The situation is also „special“ at the moment. We do not know yet if we can meet each other and if it might be dangerous for our health. So there are two movements: We want to be together – but it may not work out the way we want it to.

So it is very good for this important festival and for all people that Master Li opens this possibility for us again: A common FuQi day for Christmas. 

„Then people can be calm again, because there is a solution.
When we wish for something – and there is a solution for it, 
then it fits so well. 
Without a solution, many people may become restless. 
That is why it is so peaceful with the FuQi day, 
we can be absolutely sure that the connection is there.

There is this possibility to connect us.
Then everyone will be quiet. 
Then hallelujah at Christmas.“

Master Dean Li

FuQi and practice

Today we can learn to celebrate happily together, even if we cannot be close to each other as usual. The FuQi Day on Christmas Eve helps us to experience the encounter from heart to heart and from spirit to spirit in a new way.

„Before – eating together at Christmas,
today – meditating together at Christmas.“

Master Dean Li

One can also consider the ancestors and we therefore want to give them a place. This is like a Christmas celebration where we think of those who are not with us.

„For God are all together.
The family also includes the ancestors.
This is the whole family.“

Master Dean Li

How do we practice and connect on this day?

You can, depending on your individual possibilities, practice actively or connect with FuQi in your heart and spirit. Both are good on this day.
If you practise, Master Li will help you to deepen this.
If you are not actively practicing or unable to practice, Master Li helps you to build up the FuQi.

We are looking forward to a common and happy FuQi day at Christmas!

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There were 2,515 people from 37 countries who participated in FuQi Day.

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