FuQi Day at Christmas

Sunday, 24 December 2023, 1:00 p.m. until
Monday, 25 December 2023, 1:00 p.m.


Harmony arises, karma dissolves

* further information will follow shortly *

Dear friends,

Many thanks to Master Dean Li, Daosheng and Daoming for making the FuQi Day possible. For Christmas, they will connect all participants with FuQi, the energy of happiness. On December 24 at 1:00 p.m., Daosheng and Daoming will open the FuQi Day on Zoom. Master Li will then sing the song „Way of DEAN“ for everyone and with everyone, starting – depending on who wants to sing and is there – with the next generation, the children and young people, then with the adults. The opening transitions into the DEAN Life Talk and we can all talk and celebrate together.

„Everything that is beautiful,“ I understood Master Li to say, „we could do on FuQi Day. Everyone could see if there is a feeling of what good we could do. Everyone could even ask themselves what good experience they have had this year with the DEAN Method. Then we could say: let’s do it this way with FuQi Day, then it will be good for next year. This FuQi Day is Christmas. That means this year it’s going from 2023 and then to 2024. It’s actually like from generation to generation, one helps the other. That’s the important thing about this transition. We don’t think that one year has nothing to do with the other or that one generation has nothing to do with the other or that the next generation has to do everything by itself.

Of course, there were a lot of problems in 2023. But there were still a lot of good things for us, isn’t it? This circulation must continue. Otherwise, if we simply say that our children have to do everything on their own, where does the root come from? Where does the experience come from? Nevertheless, of course, okay, in this year 2023 we were not yet so satisfied, there were many problems. But we sort that out, and what’s not good, we solve that, and then we move on to what is good and continue to flow with it. That’s why this connection is so important. How can we go on without it? In nature, in us, there are five elements, one always helps the other and there is this circulation. If this circulation doesn’t exist, where does life come from?“

Master Li asks further: „Why are there these thoughts between siblings: ‚既生瑜,何生亮. If Zhou Yu was already born, why did Zhuge Liang still have to be born?‘ ‚Because the ancestors didn’t understand. Then of course the children struggle endlessly. That’s why I always say these words: ‚和谐起,业障除‘. Wo haai hei, jip zoeng ceoi. Harmony arises, karma dissolves.

Actually, from our principle, generation to generation means: the trees from the leaves to the root. Like now Daosheng and Daoming help me and I help Daosheng and Daoming. Then this circulation is there. If afterwards our children or grandchildren help us and we help the children, then of course the children are happy and we are happy. And the families are strong. Then every tree is beautiful, then our world is beautiful in the end. Always these words: ‚前人种树,后人乘凉‘, When the ancestors planted trees, the following generations enjoy the place in the shade. This is FuQi.“

On FuQi Day, we could all feel what our family’s tree is like, where perhaps the connection to the root is still weak or the strength for a new leaf is lacking. Master Li, Daosheng and Daoming help us all on FuQi Day so that the trees of our families can become more beautiful again. 

1,007 people participated.

until December 23th 2023, 8 p.m. (CET)

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