Coronavirus (COVID-19) - important questions and answers

The spring of 2020 was a very special time that presented many people with major challenges. The external environment and the entire atmosphere had changed for everyone at once due to the sudden corona lockdown.

We learned that all energy must flow. Suddenly everything stops. How can we deal with it better? What happens inside when the outside changes so much? Because so many questions arose in people, Master Dean Li gave us information and support so that we could maintain a better balance within ourselves during this time when everything outside was at a standstill.

written by Nicola Martens

Master Dean Li pointed out that this epidemic is a metaphor. We should look at it seriously, react appropriately and prepare for the future. This is a problem that concerns everyone.
„Education and healing“ is the permanent solution. Our task is to remain calm and to practice remaining in balance.

When a new type of virus appears, there is no immediate solution. That’s because we first have to get to know the new one to find a solution. That’s why these problems keep coming up. Even if a good medication is developed this time, there will be a new type of virus next time. This is an endless process. 

In the end we have to face all these problems and find a solution. Otherwise we will follow the virus and let the virus lead us astray. So we have to find a basic solution, starting with ourselves, starting with our lives.

From the experiences of the past we can see that these problems have appeared and disappeared again. Given the current situation and the specific nature of the epidemic, we must know that we cannot rely on medicines to combat it. In times of general change many viruses or epidemics also change. 

The key lies in how we can preserve our lives in times of collapse. So how can we better maintain our real life and deal with the virus properly? We know that our life, our vitality, is more powerful than bacteria if we know how to live well. The key is to find a method to stay in balance. In theory, we are always able to balance our current problems. It just takes time. Too many emotions will prolong or magnify our fear. Therefore, calmness is our key attitude.

First we have to understand our needs. What do we need now? What do we have? What possibilities do we have to satisfy our needs? We try to focus on the needs of everyone, on the needs of life, not on our insatiable needs. Then everyone moves on to creating a balance. With this balance, we are inherently stable. In stability, we will go through this difficulty. Even difficult times are time-dependent. So we need not be afraid, because they do not last forever.

Yes, it depends on which one of us can play longer, the Virus or us. That’s also what we pay attention to. So we should maintain our energy and constantly cultivate our life from this point of view. That way, in such a complicated situation or in the case of so many viruses and even the plague, we don’t have to lose our lives.

We are all ordinary living beings, none better or worse than the other. Each life is responsible for itself. Even in this situation. 
Responsibility is about our needs and our possibilities. Between need and possibility, it’s about finding out what we can do. 
Keep as much energy as possible and do not waste too much. The more energy reserves we have, the longer we can survive difficulties. We build up our energy reserves with the exercises. So we are usually already prepared. Through the sum of all our exercises we have enough energy to cope with emergencies. So if we normally do not practice enough, we do not know how to deal with the problem when it occurs.

Yes, we don’t have that much energy, but if we have enough practice, we will know more than the problem.

We cannot prepare for the problems and questions because we cannot predict them. Our preparation is that we have a strong immunity and make ourselves stronger inside.

Yes, of course, one must first have respect for life itself. What does „respect for life“ mean? It means to have respect for everyone – even for the virus.

The virus is actually a disturbance for us. That’s why I say we must even show respect for it. Respect means that slowly both sides are satisfied – then there is no more interference. That means balance. Respect means doing well with the other, doing well with both sides.

Yes, that’s right. Energetically speaking, when we are healthy and strong, we really don’t need to be afraid of the virus. But if our energy is weak and very disturbed from before, the disease can come more easily. 
In other words: If our energy is strong and can flow freely, then we have nothing to do with the virus. But our energy is also connected to other people. When other people are energetically weakened, the virus can come to us through these people. So your worries are really justified and good. 
It’s like now in China: Why is it always recommended to keep a large distance to people? Because the virus can be transmitted from person to person. 
If we are not afraid, if we are without worry, and if energy can always flow well, then there is no problem for us humans. 

It is very important with what people are connected. We have to connect with something good. Unfortunately there are so many problems and fights between people. If we have enough strength and can connect well to people, then we can establish a good connection. But if we feel we are too weak, get scared ourselves or start to fight with others, then it is better to connect spiritually with someone or something else that gives us peace and strength. This means that we connect with a good energy. Energy always has to do with strong and appropriate. If we can connect with something good, then it gives us security. Then the energy increases. In this way we avoid this weakening through internal and external struggles.

There is always this one moment. If one person desperately has to have contact with another one, and the other one has many doubts and anxieties or something similar, then the energy can get lost anyhow. Then one should know that later one should definitely rebuild this energy and thus create balance and thus one withdraws from the problem.

It does not have to do with being conscious or not being conscious. If it happens, it happens. Only we consciously know: Ok, in these times we have to deal with problems anyhow and thus the energy is lost. And if the possibility is there, later one builds up the energy again in order to keep a balance.
One example: At some point, one has lost the energy due to some problem. That one has lost the energy at that moment is ok, because one could not do anything at that moment. Only after that has happened one has to – if there is a possibility – rebuild the energy. This is how you balance problems again. Then you solve the problems.

Yes. If you know that beforehand, then you should also take preventive measures beforehand. If one always uses the appropriate moment in order to do something, then the problems won’t happen.

If the heart is completely free, then we also have the right feeling. But  if the heart is not clean, there will always be disturbances. Of course, then everything is mixed up.

This is right. If the energy is truly and freely connected with us and all, then the energy is always enough. If one feels that the own energy is too weak or too little, it means there are too many of our own obstacles.

If the virus is so to say already there, one immediately has to clean, meaning, one has to practice and connect with the energy. Practice has the meaning that all the organs works correctly and thus one can get away from the problems and the virus. Practice strengthens our organs. Of course, we can build up good energy our whole life, at any time. For example, if we eat well, sleep well, and keep our emotions clear. One does something which is free for our spirit or one simply enjoys life. As one goes to a concert or to the theatre. Everything which is good, which is positive for our energy, we can do.

Yes, the virus always uses the body of a human. What exactly does „our body“ mean? In our body, there is always good energy and bad energy. The viruses only uses the bad energy. For that reason it is beneficial when our energy is bad and dirty at that moment. That even harms us. But if our energy can stay good or let’s say good enough, then the viruses does not feel like staying – and goes away.

Thus, it is very important for us that the energy stays clean and good. Clean means: in harmony and free. What does „dirt“ mean? If you know what dirt is, then you have understood what is „good“ and what is „clean“.

For „clean“ there are always three levels:
The first is staying calm. It is the question if one is truly calm…
The second level is: make balance.
And the third level is: contentment.

If somebody has been practicing the DEAN method for a long time in order to learn, I ask: „Are you really more at ease or are you as before?“
If one truly is more calm, then it has the meaning that this person has already managed the first step. If one can truly make a balance for everyone, then this person has managed the second step. And later, after one can make a balance for all and when all are content, then, of course, one has managed the third step.

Yes, at the beginning, it’s all about practice. I even ask you, „How long have you been doing the practice, have you already reached the first level?“

The answer of the participant:
I have found that the first level has many, many levels.

That‘ s right. But the goal is there. 
The virus is happy about the bad energy. If you are good/clean enough, the virus can’t even come to you. You stay clean.

Everyone has the opportunity to get clean at the moment. But unfortunately in our society there are always so many problems. There’s so much cleaning to do. After you have cleaned, you are clean in that moment. But unfortunately, really unfortunately, maybe the next morning there will be more. So of course we do not only clean today, but all our life.

Being in harmony today has the meaning of being clean today. 
Again, it has nothing to do with fear, because we know how to do cleaning. If someone knows how to clean, he doesn’t need to worry or be afraid the next time dirt comes. To clean means to practice. We always stay clean if we can clean up the dirt fast enough.

Sometimes there’s so much to clean up that you can’t do it all yourself right away. Then you call somebody to help you and do it together. It has nothing to do with worry and fear. 
Example: It’s like cleaning your own house. If someone has enough strength to do it himself, then he does it himself. But when you are weak at the moment and you don’t have enough strength to do it because there is so much dirt, then you have to get someone to help and do it together. Of course you need help then. To get help also means to build that connection.

added on 27.03.2020

  1. Would you also recommend this – and does it mean real protection for them?  (On the other hand, they then lack e.g. the social contacts…) 
  2. What else can we do for them? Some of them are not familiar with the method…

Answer Master Li: 

A good distance from person to person is important right now.  Because many problems are now transferred from person to person.  Of course, especially the elderly are weak.  We have to protect them from this, and they don’t need to come together with the society.  But this does not mean that they are separated from us.  

Thank God we already know the exercise with the DEAN method.  So we know that from person to person the contact is very important.  For this connection one does not necessarily need the direct contact from person to person.  The live radio talk is an example for another possibility of contact, as well as via video, telephone or similar.  There are so many ways to maintain contact – up to and including spirit to spirit, that is, spiritual contact.  

You have to understand that: Keeping distance doesn’t mean being separated. You stay together anyway, but that doesn’t mean I’ll come and visit you tomorrow. That way contact can always be maintained. That’s very important. For people, contact has to last. Because contact is connection. Because if the connection stays, then our energy stays.

Especially in these days we try to make a FuQi day to connect all people with each other. Then there is not this loneliness, these social stories.  So we don’t have to worry about people being so lonely when we have to keep this distance. We are just building up more contact with each other.

Of course it is good to go shopping for older people, for example. If possible, the old people who are weak should stay at home.

As to the second question, one could always try to keep in touch, for example by telephone or something similar. There are so many ways to be in contact. Of course it is better if they have understood the method and these contexts. If they have not understood it, then you try to tell them about it. How else can you do it? 

Of course, at the moment, the contact shouldn’t be too close or too long. Of course, you have to understand what „older“ means. „Older“ means weak. Of course, older people must take breaks at the right time. Otherwise they get too tired and then they get knocked out. 

The children of course have endless strength, they can always go on. But the older ones cannot do so much. That is why you have to keep a good distance. You have to give the older people the opportunity to always recover well, so that they are not too exhausted. 

Because unfortunately the virus bonds more easily with older people. It is even dangerous for the elderly. Once the elderly people are infected, the virus immediately becomes stronger. Then again it is not good for the children, for the young people and for everyone. That is why we must protect the elderly in such a way that we do not allow this dynamic to happen. If it happens once, it will continue with the others.

The children should therefore keep their distance from these people; at least one should make sure that the older people do not become too tired or experience too much effort.

Yes, they’d better avoid it too. That’s why even the schools are being closed. Keeping distance is important at this moment.  

In an earlier live talk, the question was raised what respect means – for life and also for the virus. You said: Respect for life, respect for all, even for the virus has the meaning of making it good for all sides. Respect means that all sides must be satisfied.
My question: What does „good for all sides“ mean in the case of the virus? How can you make the virus be satisfied (and we are too)? Surely you first have to research the reasons why the virus rages like this?

Answer Master Li:

We know what harmony means. Harmony means health, whether for man or for this world. Therefore, before harmony can be created, one must first have respect. If you hate everything, then you can’t do anything anyway, because you already hate. Respect means that you try to understand it. If you have understood the other one, then the other one knows where, wherefore and how. Then there is the possibility to let go. 

This then again has the point that there is a own way for everyone. Then harmony comes again. If the virus goes its way and people can live their lives, then that’s okay, isn’t it?

For example, scientists now have the theory that it gets better when the temperature rises. Respect means first of all that this hatred is not there and that we understand the connections. What does understanding that mean? You have to understand what the virus needs in this case. For example, what the temperature must be like… 

No matter what generation, we live in this world. We all live together. Earlier I said that unfortunately there is this weakness in the elderly. And the virus likes to go there, so it creates problems. When the elderly have problems, they slowly come to us. 

So it is very important that the young people help the elderly to protect themselves well. Then they do not allow this way. And the young people should definitely know what „young people“ means. It means that they are a bit strong at the moment. But young people can also grow old. That’s why there are such good opportunities for young people to understand this now, even earlier, so that they can learn from it and prepare themselves for it. And that is good for the future. Then it is finally better and better for this world. 

What is self-protection? It has to do with ourselves. Therefore, it is best for the future if we develop well through practice. Of course, the world must remain as natural as possible. As clean, as clear as possible. 

With everyone there is always body, spirit and soul. Unfortunately at the moment our soul and body are very limited, one must not do so much. The space is so narrow and at the same time you have to keep so much distance. If possible, you have to find an access for the energy so that it can continue to flow. Otherwise it gets stuck. 

It doesn’t matter if someone is alone at home or if it concerns several people, like a family, it is the same condition for all of them. 

If you find a possibility for it in this moment, then you release the energy a little bit. For example: You can’t move your body that much. Then of course everyone, whether they know the method or not, has to find something to connect with. That is, a contact. Everyone can try to find something to connect with the outside – without going outside. So the energy can continue to flow. If somebody knows the method, he can take advantage of it and practice. If somebody does not know it yet, he can start with it and try to learn it. 

From the outside it is really very difficult at the moment. But because it’s so hard on the outside, we can feel our inner being better – and by doing that we can train how to balance it out. To do that, we have to build up our energy whenever possible. This is the situation with the outside. But this outside also has to do with the families. 

If we have already practiced how to deal better with the outside, it also means that we have trained what is connected with the family. No matter through which way the person comes to do the exercise, if his energy is strong, then it is there for everyone.

For example, if we practice well in this situation (with the virus) to keep our strength, it is also good for the family.

Do you think that your life is an exercise?

The student’s answer: Yes.

Answer Master Li:

If you think your life is an exercise, why do you care what you encounter? Why does it bother you? If you think your life is an exercise, what you encounter will never bother you. Because for you, everything is an exercise. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Anything. Your parents, your wife, your husband, your children, your work, the epidemic, the virus, whatever. Everything is a practice for you. This is our life.  


Yang summarizes the following conversation with Master Li

At this time the spirit is the access and balance for our energy. So we can let our spirit grow. Not only our body or our Qi, not only heart or soul, but we can grow spiritually. So this is a good time for us. Sometimes we have some problems with other people. That’s because so much information gets stuck in us, accumulates. That is the point where we are stuck. That’s why we find so much fight, quarrel and so much dissatisfaction among people who have to live together in a small space. It’s because the information can’t flow. If the information stays clear and we can let the energy flow well, then everything is fine. 

Yes, it’s really so serious. If that energy inside can’t flow freely, then at some point you are broken. There are not so many problems with the virus, because we already know how to handle it better.  But now the problems are connected with the time after this virus. People have problems with their spirit and their soul. Maybe there will be more problems after that. Because people have so much fear, so much worry and so many emotions right now. And so the garbage is accumulating more and more. You can describe it that way. So at some point there will be a congestion – and finally a big problem. That is why it is so serious. 

Everyone knows that handling energy is different from what you think. 

You think this is good, and others will think that something else is better. This is the way we live. Because of the lifestyle, we have to learn. For example, after this epidemic we can see that there are so many countries and nations in the world, but they are all different. 

For example, why is the epidemic in Italy so bad? It has to do with the lifestyle of the people there. So if we think that something is good, it is not necessarily true that it is actually good. We have to learn from others to see how it can be better for us. We have to choose a better lifestyle. Then people will improve. 

In peacetime, when nothing happens, we are free to choose what we want, what lifestyle we prefer. But if we encounter difficulties, we should consider what is better for us. That is what we have to learn. Then we can develop and that means progress for us.

Yang summarizes what Master Li has explained

So if everything is normal and we are free, then we can be whatever we want. However, if we encounter problems and sudden changes, then we should see what is better for us. A person can develop well if he chooses the better for himself. In normal everyday life, perhaps everyone thinks he has his own choice and can do what he wants. So he plays games, watches movies, Tictoc, watches TV, whatever. That’s a kind of connection, but what is better for us? Why should we choose the path of the spirit?

We can feel ourselves through our bodies, starting with our organs. We can find the needs of our body, Qi (the soul) and our spirit. This is how we reach our real needs and what we actually need. By keeping the feeling for it we find the best for ourselves. 

We prefer not to be dependent on the outside. If we are too dependent on the outside, that is why we are afraid. So we cannot perceive a sudden change and we cannot adjust to it. Now, for example, we cannot go outside. But if we have always gone outside before, got so used to it, and thus become dependent on it, we lose this possibility now – and of course we will feel bad.

If there is so much fear in connection with these external circumstances, then of course it disturbs our feeling to our own spirit. That is why fear is extremely hard. Through fear, this sadness also arises because the energy can no longer flow. You can practice more and more with your lungs, so that the balance between the silence outside and the power to move can be restored.

Yes, our inside and outside are actually one. If our inside is strong enough, the outside disappears, then it doesn’t exist. But if the inside is very weak, the outside becomes very strong. Even a small change can then influence us very strongly. It is similar to a balloon. A balloon can get bigger and also smaller. The boundaries between the inside and the outside can change constantly. Therefore we have to build up and strengthen the energy inside.

Yes, whether we are strong or weak depends on the harmonious connection we have. Of course we have to connect with the element that can help us. When we are alone, we are weak. And when we are connected to the element that is appropriate, we become stronger. 

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