International FuQi Day
on 2021.02.12 - 10-18 h (CET)

Master Li will be doing a FuQi Day for everyone on Friday, February 12 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

This Friday, the Healing & Education seminar will continue to take place, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated and a video meeting of the DEAN Life Net for all Chinese and German participants of the FuQi Day will be hold. This means „now“ and „all together“. All meet at this point; all together can make a quantum leap on every level.

In China, the turn of the year is celebrated with fireworks. The volume dispels all bad energies, fears, worries and sadness from the past year. People start a new year with fresh energy. In this fresh energy they address their wishes to the heaven. Just like the people in ancient China after the sufferings of the long winter, we need fireworks now in the time of the epidemic. Our fireworks happen on the energetic level. It is made possible by all the events in the DEAN Method around February 12th. ML will use it to help every participant of the FuQi Day make a quantum leap. Are the words in red right, or also other people, not only the FuQi Day participants?

What is your wish right now, what is your possibility? To realize your wish, to use your possibility, means to bring the invisible into the visible. The powerful energy of FuQi Day is about everyone, about everyone’s possibility. Master Li helps on this day to combine the many possibilities, to bring them together and into harmony and in this way to make a quantum leap possible for everyone.

If we ourselves feel the FuQi – the happiness energy – that is not enough. It must flow on to all other people and help them too. This is how the idea for this FuQi Day was born. One participant spoke about the suffering of many people during the Corona pandemic and had a wish that the FuQi coming from Master Li flows to them as well. She asked him how the people could be helped. Master Li immediately decided to make a FuQi day. Because, he says, problems concern all of us. No matter which one of us gets a problem or disease, it makes us all unhappy. It can also happen to ourselves.

Master Li is doing the FuQi Day for everyone: for children and adults, for people and animals, for the living and the deceased. Everyone can participate. In this way, an energetic net is created in which energy can flow on and on – in which an infinite number of beautiful possibilities can come together and, with the help of FuQi, move from the invisible to the visible.

The FuQi day takes place on the spiritual level, Master Li connects the energies of all participants. You can practice during the time or go about your normal daily routine and focus on the energy – as it suits you well.

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